Explosion-proof smart card operator



The utility model provides an explosion-proof smart card operator which comprises a shell body and a processor and a non-contact card module which are arranged inside the shell body and interconnected. The non-contact card module is used for identifying information stored in a smart card, the processor is used for processing information transmitted by the non-contact card module, the shell body ofthe explosion-proof smart card operator is provided with a power interface, and the processor is connected with an electronic safety barrier which is arranged inside the shell body and used for limiting the strength degree generated by the non-contact card module. The explosion-proof smart card operator has the advantages of being used together with explosion-proof intrinsically safe power supply, internally integrating the electronic safety barrier, having better explosion-proof property, being capable of being applied to all dangerous circumstances and meeting application of smart card management system in explosion-proof places including an oil depot, a gas station and the like.




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