Fan capable of lighting



The utility model discloses a fan capable of lighting, belongs to a home electric appliance, and aims to mainly solve the problems that the conventional fan and the conventional desk lamp have single functions, and occupy large spaces. The fan capable of lighting comprises a fan body, wherein a lamp band encircles the rim on the outer side of a fan head, consists of a plurality of light emitting diode (LED) lamps, and is connected with a switch through a fan power supply. When the fan is used at night or in an environment with insufficient light rays, a control switch is turned on to lighten the lamp band, and a light switch can be turned off at any time; the lamp band is arranged on the fan, and has relatively small power, so that the waste of electric quantity is reduced, and functions of saving energy and protecting environment are realized; furthermore, the fan is used safely and conveniently; the fan is integrated with the lamps, so that the occupied space is reduced; and the fan is convenient to store.




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