Zigbee-based aquiculture-environment movable-type positioning and monitoring system



The utility model relates to a Zigbee-based aquiculture-environment movable-type positioning and monitoring system, which comprises a sensor acquisition module, a positioning and monitoring network subsystem and an upper-computer monitoring-center server, wherein the sensor acquisition module is connected with the upper-computer monitoring-center server through the positioning and monitoring network subsystem. Compared with the prior art, the thought of a movable sensor is adopted according to the utility model, and a water-quality parameter sensor is arranged on a controllable movable-machine fish platform, so that the water-quality parameter sensor moves according to a preset track after being put into a pool and is traversed at each expected sampling point in the pool, water-quality environmental parameters, such as temperatures, dissolved-oxygen concentration, PH values and the like are acquired according to a set sampling period, and the position information of the sampling points and the data information of the sensor are transmitted to an upper-computer monitoring platform in real time through a wireless network, so that an automatic monitoring system or a manager is convenient to master complete aquiculture-environment information.




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