Pipe-in-pipe energy-saving lamp with nano reflective film



The utility model discloses a pipe-in-pipe energy-saving lamp with a nano reflective film, and belongs to the field of lamp tubes. The pipe-in-pipe energy-saving lamp with the nano reflective film comprises a lighting inner tube, a protective outer tube, two-end connectors and high-frequency rectifying control circuit boards arranged on the two-end connectors, and the semi-circular-arc-shaped nano reflective film is arranged between the protective outer tube and the lighting inner tube. A latest nano reflecting technology is used, the reflective effect is far higher than that of an aluminium reflective piece, and the pipe-in-pipe energy-saving lamp has the advantages of being anti-abrasion, antioxidant and long in service life. An anti-explosion pipe sealing structure is used, a lighting source is isolated from the outside environment, products can be made to be adaptive to various severe environments, and using is safer. The products can be light through the method that a live wire and a zero line of a power supply are respectively connected to the two-end connectors, mounting is easy, working currents are small, wire erection cost can be lowered, and material consumption is saved.




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