Simple die for vamp perfusion


  • Inventors: SUN KONGYAO
  • Assignees: 孙孔耀
  • Publication Date: October 09, 2013
  • Publication Number: CN-203228349-U


The utility model discloses a simple die for vamp perfusion. The simple die consists of a piston device, an electric control device, a material tank and a toe cap device, wherein the piston device comprises a pressing rod and a piston; one end of the pressing rod is arranged on one side of the material tank, and the other end of the pressing rod is a free end; the piston is connected with the pressing rod; the piston is correspondingly arranged at an opening of the material tank; the toe cap device is arranged on the lower side of the material tank; a heating pipe is arranged at the bottom of the toe cap device and is used for heating the toe cap device. The simple die is reasonable in design and very simple in structure; the piston device is used for compressing a foamed material, and the heating pipe is electrically controlled to heat the die, so that a good forming effect can be achieved; the die technology is convenient to operate; the forming quality is stable; and the effect of a product is good.




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