Novel table lamp



The utility model provides a novel table lamp. The novel table lamp is characterized by comprising a base. A transformer and an LED lamp control panel electrically connected with the transformer are arranged in the base, and the transformer is provided with a power supply connection wire; the two ends of a lamp post are of U-type structures respectively; a supporting protrusion erected upwards is arranged on the upper surface of the base; the lamp post is hinged to the base; the novel table lamp is further provided with a strip lamp holder; an LED lamp is arranged in the lamp holder; a lamp protrusion is arranged on the lower surface of the lamp holder downwards; the lamp holder is hinged to the lamp post; the LED lamp is electrically connected with the LED lamp control panel; one or more touch screen are arranged on the upper surface of the base and are connected with the LED lamp control panel; the upper surface, at the edge of each touch screen, of the base is provided with a plurality of protruding point regions; each protruding point region comprises one or more protruding points. The irradiation angle of the novel table lamp can be adjusted, and the novel table lamp solves the problem that because the surface of each touch screen is smooth, accurate positioning can be carried by a user under the condition of indirect observation.




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