Anti-compression round control cable



The utility model discloses an anti-compression round control cable which comprises main conductors, control conductors and a cross rubber skeleton. An outer side of each main conductor and an outer side of each control conductor are both covered by a polyimides insulating layer. The plurality of control conductors and one main conductor are twisted and then are covered by a multi-layer mineral wrapping strip material overlapped wrapping layer, an oxygen ambient silica layer and a semi-conductive resin shielding layer in sequence, so that a round control core is formed. Four right-angle gaps of the cross rubber skeleton are respectively provided with two round control cores. An outer side of the cross rubber skeleton is sequentially covered by a tinned steel wire woven layer, a thermal insulation layer and a low-smoke halogen free polyolefin oversheath. The thermal insulation layer is internally provided with silica gel. Four ends of the cross rubber skeleton are respectively provided with an adhesive agent. The four right-angle gaps of the cross rubber skeleton are respectively provided with the two round control cores, so that the anti-compression round control cable is simple in structure, reasonable in design, thermal-insulation, insulating, good in shielding effect, stable and reliable.




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