LED lamp emitting light in all directions



The utility model relates to the field of LED lamps, in particular to an LED lamp emitting light in all directions. The LED lamp emitting light in all directions comprises an outer transparent shell, an aluminum substrate, a radiator, an inner shell and a connector. The radiator is composed of alternating convex portions and concave portions. A plurality of holes are formed in the position, close to an opening, of the outer shell. The radiator is connected with the outer shell in a buckled mode through the holes. The aluminum substrate is fixed to the radiator through a screw. The connector is in screw connection with the inner shell through threads. The inner shell is buckled to the radiator. The aluminum substrate is octagonal, and the eight corners of the octagon are provided with LED lamp beads. Due to the fact that the radiator and the aluminum substructure of the octagonal structure are adopted, the lamp can emit light in all directions, and the LED lamp is larger in power, wider in light emitting angle, lower in cost and safer to use.




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