Folding leisure chair



The utility model provides a folding leisure chair, which comprises a seat and a chair back, wherein the seat comprises a front seat panel and a front support plate; two or more groove structures, which are parallel to each other, are formed in the seat; one end of the same groove structure is located on the front seat panel; the other end of the groove structure is located on the front support plate; the chair back comprises a rear seat panel and a backrest plate; the placement angle between the rear seat panel and the backrest plate is the same as that between the front seat panel and the front support plate; a convex strip capable of being embedded into each groove structure is arranged on the chair back; one end of each convex strip is located on the backrest pate; the other end of each convex strip is located on the rear seat panel; the number of the convex strip is equal to that of the groove structure; and the rear seat panel is articulated with the front seat panel. A wood material can be adopted by the seat and the chair back; the seat and the chair back can be fabricated into various models; the grades are relatively high; and meanwhile, when the backrest is not needed, the char back can be folded towards the seat direction, and the convex strips are embedded into the groove structures, so that the folding leisure chair is convenient to use.




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